Vinod Khanna Suffering From Cancer ?

One of the most handsome actors of yesteryears, the legend of her times, Vinod Khanna is suffering from a form of cancer, which has affected his bladder, it is officially confirmed now.

The actor, who is a MP of BJP from Gurudaspur constituency of Punjab, was taken to the hospital for a treatment of acute dehydration.

Vinod Khanna

The picture of pale looking frail actor, supported by two family persons has gone viral in various platforms of social media recently.

Actor Irfan Khan, who like thousands of others, could not believe the picture of him, and get shocked. He declared his will to support the actor by donating his organ. He said,  “My good wishes and prayers with him. I hope he gets well soon. If needed, I’ll donate one of my organs to him. I think he is the most beautiful person in the entire industry,”

“I saw his photo today and I was shocked. I pray to God for his good health,” he added. Though Khanna’s son Rahul had earlier confirmed that he was recovering, the actor is still in the hospital with no news of his discharge yet, he added. Recalling Khanna’s work, Irrfan said, “I have seen all of his films. I still remember his Khoon Pasina, Mera Gaon Mera Desh. He is one of the most handsome man, extremely beautiful.”

Vinod Khanna

The picture, nevertheless, has left Twitter worried with several fans wishing the 70-year-old actor a speedy recovery.The actor was hospitalised on Friday (March 31) for severe dehydration.





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