Aamir Khan debuts on Instagram with a Unique Account!

A well-acclaimed marketing genius, actor as well as a fabulous director Aamir Khan has initiated a new trend on the social media site Instagram. With a masterstroke, the actor has actually changed the look of his Instagram account with an idea that is actually a genius brainchild.

Aamir has introduced a special design to his account. A series of 9 posts have been the face of the actor’s account which is a compilation of pictures in the form of collage that eliminates archiving feature.

The picture used in the account is present in a broken pattern similar to the pieces of any puzzle on the timeline. You only get to solve this puzzle on the star’s account. Each of this post on his timeline holds a teaser’s impact.

Recently, Aamir Khan has been exploring the terrains of creative marketing for his movies while creating benchmarks over the social media platform. Unlike any other actor, Aamir Khan’s debut on this social media platform has been a fabulous one. His posts have been grabbing attention from all over the Bollywood industry as well as his fans and followers.

Even for a non-regular social media user, the uniqueness of Aamir Khan’s account is the talk of the town. The picture series consisting of 9 posts holds some of the unseen visuals of Aamir’s life.

Aamir''s puzzle post

It has been around 2 weeks since the star joined this picture sharing platform and this unconventional use of pictures by Aamir has created a lot of buzz amidst fans. The interesting fact about his account is that his page cannot be archived. This means that every time a post comes along from the actor’s behalf, the previous ones are deleted to host the new images.

Aamir has always been a perfectionist and the same can be seen in his footsteps on Instagram. Well, the brain behind the idea is actually a genius and it is most probably Mr. Aamir Khan himself.

Check out his Instagram account here.



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